People never stop questioning themselves. Their existence itself lies under a question mark. Running for answers has become a lifetime adventure with such an idealistic purpose, based on revealing solutions: touching perfection.

Even if humans are as distinctly unique as snowflakes, each of them constantly craves for answers generating knowledge. Whether it is about life, love or science, posers keep rising. Imagine them as almost unbreakable chains building up infinite intertwined spirals that form a fractal

Whenever one zooms in chasing clarity, he risks getting himself more confused, lost in the spiral nebula before his eyes. It’s like a hopeless attempt to approach the delusive horizon that drags its limit backwards every time someone tries to reach it.

People who cannot detach themselves from subjectivity tend to get caught in a chain that won’t reveal its secret even with the price of a lifetime’s struggle. It takes a wide mind to ignore the egoistic nature in order to see the bigger picture, the whole fractal. Those are the ones who objectively avoid failure and obtain at least some of the essential answers. The thing they give away is easiness in their path. Getting closer to meanings includes to risk of being pushed away in one second, maybe because of some unknown divine laws that prevent humans from approaching the truth.

All in all, it’s close to impossible to decide which path should be chosen, if there really is a choice to make. Paradoxically, humans never stop searching for stability and safety, ignoring that this universe is based on the idea of endless motion.