Dark clouds have covered London’s sky. It was five in the morning, but Tom could sleep no longer so he stood by the window and listened to a special song: the sound of the tiny water drops pouring down.

He had a strange feeling and started to imagine how his life would be if people wouldn’t consider him a freak. Tom knew ordinary people couldn’t understand even a bit of all that magic stuff, like potions or spells, but they didn’t even want to try. Ignorance was, in his opinion, one of humanity’s big mistakes.

His perfect silence was broken by an explosion nearby. The magician had forgotten one of his bottles on fire and all of the juice had effused on the floor. Then, suddenly, he saw all of his alchemy books falling down in front of him. Maybe he would have got mad before because of that, but at that moment he was just too calm for that. Or maybe Tom was too tired of useless attempts to get gold through alchemy. He started to think this goal wasn’t part of his Personal Legend, as his mentor once said.

Through those old and dusty books he found a blue paper on which shiny letters told:” Go anywhere you want, it’s up to you to decide”. A childish smile appeared on Tom’s beautiful face and he thought: „Good old times… I used to travel the world along and live more simply, but what if…” The magician hurried up, opened anxiously an old little case and took all the ingredients from inside to prepare a travel potion. He just wanted to go to Paris and felt like Paris was waiting for him, too.

Soon he made it. It was in his hands and no one could stop him from feeling the vibe of adventure. The magician drank it slowly, tasting every drop. At first, he got butterflies, but then his soul floated and defeated the distances before he whispered: “Paris…”. Tom found himself bathing under Tour Eiffel’s sweet lights. He turned around to smell the roses’ precious scent, but his eyes were caught by a blue-eyed girl, dressed all in black. And so they were standing there staring at each other.

Charmed, he still found the power to ask himself: „Why did I read all those books about magic? I should have realized magic is in everything we do, always beside us.”